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Chapter 294 - Doomsday of Humanity (2)




Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Australia, the entire world was changing.

It was in a state of terror, and the cause was none other than the monsters.

“It’s an invasion! Everyone, pick up your weapons!”

“Shit! There are so many…!!”

“Were you able to contact the observatory”

“We have been unable to contact the observatory.

They might be…!”

People shook in fear when they saw enough monsters to cover the sky black.

It was to be expected since they had never experienced this in their lifetimes.

“Shit! It wasn’t like this even when that black-zone rank monster had attacked us…!”

He was referring to the time when the helmeted man had attacked. 

Of course, at that time, several politicians had been murdered, and countless had been injured.

However, people could feel a strong sense that they wanted to leave humanity alive.

It felt as if those monsters wanted to domesticate humanity as cattle.

While that might have been an invasion, it felt more like a threat.

‘Of course, it wasn’t as bad because Lee Gun had ended it.’

However, things were different this time.

“The monsters are trying to destroy mankind.”

Their assumption was proven correct.

The monsters were coming with too much force.

“Stop them!”

“Don’t let them get inside the dome!”

The US!

Stevens and the Leo disciples ground their teeth.

Monsters were in front of their eyes, trying to barge into the dome.

The dome surrounding the US held three layers.

Stevens and his disciples were at the second layer.

The outermost layer had already been breached.

The monsters were madly attacking the second layer to destroy it.

‘Shit! Their numbers can’t be compared to that in the previous invasion…!’

This time, the monsters came from the sky, land, and ocean.

The disciples groaned when the monsters fiercely came at them as if they wanted to wipe out humanity.

“Stevens-nim! There are too many of them! Should we call for help from elsewhere”


I doubt anyone can come here right now.”


“The other Zodiac Saints are desperately protecting the domes of their own countries.”


The picture sent by the observatory told the same story.

Monsters were moving toward all the cities where humans resided.

‘If we don’t stop them, humanity will be wiped out.’

However, Stevens didn’t seem too worried.

“You guys protect the dome!”


“I’ll take care of the monsters.

You guys just protect the dome!”


Everyone became frightened when Stevens tried to exit the second dome.

“Saint-nim! You shouldn’t go out!”


They desperately clung to Stevens.

“Lee Gun-nim’s defensive ability was borrowed for the last dome! There is no way it’ll be broken!”

“That’s right!”

The defensive ability that Lee Gun had stolen from Taurus was very strong.

It was why most countries had paid the price to Lee Gun to borrow his power.

The US was in the same boat.

Amongst the three layers of the dome, the closest to the city was the heart of the domes.

Since Lee Gun’s defensive ability was applied to it, it was very sturdy.

“We should give up on the locations that the monsters have already invaded.

We just need to get rid of monsters that come in here…!”

“That’s right.

They probably don’t want all their food to be gone.

If we can weather the storm, they’ll back off like last time…!”

“No!” Stevens immediately made a fist, and a griffon surged up from the ground! As he mounted the griffon, he shouted, “This time, they won’t back off!”


He had lived through the events twenty years ago, and for some reason, he had a gut feeling.

It was telling him that the monsters were hell-bent on doing this.

Finally, Stevens exited the dome, and the monsters surged toward him.

It caused people to scream.


“It’s fine! I have this!!”


Stevens took out his weapon.

The disciples inwardly let out a sigh of relief when they heard his confident voice, but it didn’t last long.


Everyone screamed when Stevens brought out a weapon.

“I…It’s the bone!!”

Just the sight of Stevens holding up that item made them gnash their teeth.

His subordinates looked like they were about to lose their mind.

“Son of a… Have you not come to your senses yet, Saint-nim!”

“That won’t work! Don’t try something unnecessary!”


Stevens became angry when his subordinates were vexed.

“What nonsense are you guys talking about Lee Gun made it for my private use!”


His subordinates reared back in fright.

“There is no way Lee Gun-nim would have made a weapon for Saint-nim!”

“It’s a bomb!!”

“Throw it away right now!!!!”

Did Stevens really forget about Lee Gun’s terrible personality to act this way That devil of a man had probably created an item that would screw over Stevens!

“You shouldn’t use it!!”

“I’m sure the weapon will self-destruct—”

“Shut up! Don’t slander Lee Gun!”


Stevens swung the enormous bone toward his enemies!


When they heard an ominous sound of an explosion, all the disciples covered their faces.

“See! I expected this would happen!”

“Saint-nim… Someone go save that asshole…”

At that moment.


The lamenting disciples became surprised.

Stevens wasn't the one who had been left tattered by the explosion.

It was the monsters.

“Uh, uh”

After swinging the bone, Stevens laughed as if the item was the best. 

“Nice!! Lee Gun!” Stevens yelled in delight at the fearsome power.

There was a reason such items were called EX-rank items.

He had merely swung it, yet the heads of his enemies were gone.

Not even a trace was left.

Stevens thought having followed around Lee Gun was worth it.

He let out a sharp laugh as he threw the bone into the air like a boomerang.

Kwah-jeek! Kwah-jeek! Kwah-jeek!

Flying like a boomerang, the bone decapitated several dozen monsters.

Its power was overwhelming.

Stevens was ecstatic, yet the faces of his subordinates steadily became paler.

Their faces hardened.

“Damn it! I’m sure.

The risk of using it will be huge.”

“At the very least, he’ll become impotent.”

“That’s right.

There is no way that devil would have made such a thing for him!”

The disciples looked worried when Stevens used the weapon with abandon.

Oblivious to these reactions, Stevens continued to swing the bone.

The battlefield instantly turned into a sea of blood.

After getting splashed with the blood of beasts, Stevens let out a sharp laugh.

“What do you think There is no way any of them will enter the dome!”

He would be able to defend the city with it.



However, an ominous sound suddenly rang out as the green dome started to slowly open.

The dome defending the city started to dissipate slowly.

The disciples stationed outside the city reared back in fright.

“W-What the hell! Why is that opening”

“S-Someone opened the dome!”

Of course, this wasn’t Lee Gun’s doing.

Lee Gun wouldn’t jeopardize the lives of people as a prank.

Moreover, the ones in charge of opening and closing the dome were under their control, despite borrowing the ability from Lee Gun.

When the dome surrounding the city finally disappeared, Stevens and his disciples froze.

Stevens yelled, “Who is it Who opened the dome”

“It wasn’t us! There must be some problem inside— Kuhk!”

Stevens was surprised.

His disciples, who had been defending the dome, fell over as they were cut down by weapons.


The culprits weren’t the monsters.

They weren’t other disciples either.

“What the hell!!”

The civilians within the city had appeared with swords and started attacking the disciples.

That wasn’t all.


The disciples started attacking their allies, and the city turned into a scene of mayhem.


“Our allies attacked the disciples in charge of the dome.

That’s why it went away!”

“What!” Stevens wondered if it was mind control magic.

He immediately hit the ground.

[Lion’s Roar (SS)]

It caused an earthquake.


The mind control magic would be dispelled if the brain was shaken.


It wasn’t working.

‘Their minds aren’t being controlled.’

They were all sound of mind except…

“He looks like a mess.”

“I can believe he’s our superior.”

Their hate and will to fight had risen.

Moreover, their awareness of their allies went away.

They felt a surge of hatred.

The ones they loved turned into enemies that they had to kill.

Stevens was wondering what was going on when…



The sound of the ground shaking rang out.

Then, an enormous shadow appeared.

It was large enough to block out the sun.

Stevens almost stopped breathing when he saw the shadow.

A never-before-seen monster had appeared, and at a glance, it looked like Red Eye.

However, in terms of presence, fear, and power, it was superior to Red Eye!


It was Red Eye’s older brother.

Among Red Eye’s siblings, it was the third oldest.

* * *

- This is bad! Allies are attacking allies!

- Civilians and awakening beings are trying to kill each other within the dome!

- What about that Doesn’t it look similar to Red Eye! The color is different, but…!

- Ahhh!! The Leo temple was attacked by an unknown monster! The US is in danger! Ahhk! We have to evacuate…!!

- No! It isn’t just the US! Another one that looks like Red Eye has appeared! There are a total of two!

Around that time, in Asia…

Hailey and Goat were taken aback by the chaos taking place in various locations.

They were watching the news to assess the situation.

- Do you remember it This is similar to the invasion led by Red Eye!

- The one to save us from despair was Lee Gun…!

Goat gulped when he saw the monster that looked similar to Red Eye.

“What the hell are those things that are similar to Red Eye”

“They are the children of Confusion.

They are the four great calamities.”

“Four great calamities”

“Red Eye is the youngest.

It’s Fear.

There are three more above it.”

There was no mistaking it.

‘Confusion released his children.’

Hailey furrowed her fair brows.

The four great calamities were the children that Confusion used.

They had enough power as the monarch ranks.

‘Confusion might try to take back Red Eye.’

Moreover, Confusion had already left behind a message.

[It’s payment for helping raise my child.]

Although Red Eye was loyal to Lee Gun for now, what would happen if its father appeared was unclear.

That wasn’t all.

‘The energy that can be felt from them…’

Hailey furrowed her brows when she saw War through the portable TV.

She wasn’t sure of it, but she had felt it.

It was the soul of Yeonwoo, whom Lee Gun was searching for.

She felt something was off.

It felt as if Confusion was purposefully poking at Lee Gun’s temperament.

‘What is Confusion aiming for’

Of course, the goal of the unknown civilization was the extinction of humanity.

However, it was happening way too early.

But that wasn’t important right now.

“Why are you here, Hailey-nim Didn’t Lee Gun-nim ask for your help”

Hailey flinched.

They were right, but…

At that moment, Goat became surprised when cheers came from the TV.

- Ah!! The Zodiac Saints are here!

- They are here to help us!

- Of course, Hugo Otis-nim is here!

- Lee Gun! I’m sure Lee Gun is here too!

- Where is Lee Gun!

At that moment, a familiar voice came from the TV.

- Get out of the way.

I’ll do it.

- !!

At the same time, screams came from the portable TV.

It was in response to someone walking toward the monsters.

- Hey! No! It is dangerous! Come back!

- Hey, kid! You’ll get hurt if you go that way!

- Kids should stay out of the way!

Goat started sweating when he saw the familiar face captured by the camera.

It was as expected.

- What did you just say to me


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