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Shen Liuyu.

The Male Lead of this novel world.

If she remembers correctly.

This is her first time seeing Shen Liuyu ‘in person’.

She has an impression of him because the system had shown her Shen Liuyu’s picture before.

Shen Liuyu happened to be looking here, but the focus seemed to be on Lin Xiaoxiao who was opposite her.

Song Jinxi only looked at him for a while, then withdrew her eyes and looked at Lin Xiaoxiao as well.

After the waiter left, Lin Xiaoxiao then continued the topic just now.

“The problem is that if he really likes me, he shouldn’t bring other women home in front of me when our relationship isn’t clear yet.” As she said so, she frowned at Song Jinxi with a face full of doubt: “Don’t you think his behavior is childish”

Song Jinxi nodded, “It’s indeed childish.”

And very scummish too.

She wouldn’t like a man like this.

“Deliberately showing affection in front of me and trying to make me jealous.

How can I be in the mood to be jealous of him now I can’t even finish my homework every day.” After saying so, Lin Xiaoxiao’s mouth flattened.

“If I hadn’t been seen by my second brother when he tried to kiss me, I wouldn’t have to do those make-up lessons on Saturday and Sunday…”

There’s a very aggrieved expression on her face.

Song Jinxi sighed softly, but did not say anything.

Waiting quietly for her next sentence.

“I think that every time I meet him, I seem to be unlucky.

I must stay away from this person in the future.” Lin Xiaoxiao said.

Song Jinxi did not speak.

Anyway, with Lin Xiaoxiao’s attitude like this now, the plot is completely cold.

There’s no need to think about it anymore.

The system is also reluctant to appear now.

She doesn’t know whether it really gave up the world or whether it was because Shen Liuchen was always by her side, thus it was blocked by Shen Liuchen’s aura and couldn’t get close to her.

“What’s more, I thought about it carefully after that.

What I like is not the type like him at all.” Lin Xiaoxiao said: “I don’t like the setting of ‘the prodigal son returns to the shore’.

There are many classmates around me who liked a scumbag, and after being cheated on by the scumbag, they hope that the scumbag will wake up one day, come back to her and cherish her, saying something like ‘a prodigal who returns is more precious than gold’…”

Then the food they ordered came.

“It’s really too naive.” As LinXiaoxiao talked about it, she smiled and shook her head.

She sniffed the steam from the hot dishes, licked her lips, and picked up the chopsticks.

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“Let’s stop talking about this.

Let’s eat.

I can finally come out so I can’t let myself be affected by those irrelevant people.” She said.

Song Jinxi looked to the side again.

There was no Shen Liuyu anymore in that place just now, and the car also drove away.

Lin Xiaoxiao also followed her gaze to look over: “What are you looking at”

Song Jinxi retracted her gaze.

“It just feels like the sun outside is a little bit hot.” She said.

“It’s indeed hot.” Lin Xiaoxiao hesitated, “Sister-in-law, have you been to the Video Arcade”

Song Jinxi: “Video Arcade”

Lin Xiaoxiao nodded.

“Yeah, there are many interesting games in it.

Do you want to go to play, Sister-in-law” She said so and looked at Song Jinxi with expectant eyes.

“We can go there if you want to play.

I haven’t been to the Video Arcade even though I am already so old.” Song Jinxi said.

Lin Xiaoxiao immediately looked at Song Jinxi with touched eyes.

“Sister-in-law, no matter how many sisters-in-law I have in the future, you are my favorite sister-in-law.

No one is better than you!” She swore to heaven.


It seems that because of Shen Liuchen’s presence, Shen Liujue behaved very well.

After the meal, Lin Xiaoxiao said that she wanted to go to the Video Arcade with Song Jinxi.

He didn’t stop her and just watched Shen Liuchen’s reaction.


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